We are among the prestigious suppliers, exporters, distributors, traders and importers of a wide range of Petroleum Products, Lubricants and Fuel Additives. These products find vast application in cosmetics, engineering and aviation industries.
Friction Modifier Anti Wear & Pressure Additives
White Oils
Aminic Antioxidants
Grease Formulation Applications
Silica Beads & PMMA Coated Pearls
Oil Lubricants
Synton PAO High Viscosity Synthetic
Corrosion Inhibitors Rust Inhibitors
Detergents and Emulsifiers
Cosmetics UV Filters
Polymer Micro Beads
Surface Treated Pigments
Alkylated Diphenylamine Antioxidants for Pharma Industry
Hydrobrite PVC Oil for Automobile Industry
Synthetic Food Machinery Grease for Food Industry
Isethionate Surfactants
Iselux Sulfate-Free Surfactants Blends
Iselux Ultra Mild Surfactant Blends
Proprietary Blends
Taurate Surfactants
Sulfosuccinate Surfactants
Iselux Sulfate-Free Surfactants
Carboxylate Surfactants
Non-ionic Surfactants
Emollients and Solubilizers
Benzoate Esters
Aliphatic Esters
Conditioning Agents
Chelating Agents
Rheology Modifiers
Sarcosinate Surfactants
Semtol Technical Grade
Polyalpha Olefin
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